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TREASURER -  JEFF SMITH - Mobile; 0428 772 319,
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Paying membership dues by direct deposit
A couple of members have asked how to pay their membership fees by direct deposit.
The club banks with Cairns Penny Bank and the details of the general account are as follows:-
Bank:-            Cairns Penny
BSB:-             704966
Account:-        100014907
In name of:-     Cairns Motorcycle Restorer’s Club
I generally scan the bank account for deposits prior to each meeting and issue receipts at the meeting. I am currently investigating a more formal receipting system as the changes in the SIVS registration costs leads me to suspect that more members will be using SIVS going forward and one of the things you need to produce for SIVS is a current membership receipt showing your name, the club name, the date of receipt and the duration of membership. Hopefully I will have some answers on that by the August meeting.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if paying your $50 club membership by direct deposit, make sure that you use the text your bank provides to put your bloody name on the deposit! It is not helpful at all to have deposits titled “Membership Dues”, or “CMRC m’ship dues” as two of the more recent ones did. Unless you put your name on the deposit I will not know who it is from. Some banks are more generous than others, the Commonwealth is the most measly and only allow 18 characters, but I am of the view that most people can write enough of their name to be identified in 18 characters.


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Annual Financial report 202223

CMRC 2023 AGM minutes

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Secretary Report July 2023

2021 AGM

Treasurers Report 2021

2020 CMRC Treasurer’s Report

From Don Roy 2020 AGM

First I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their dedicated work over the past year and, apart from myself, they have all returned to steer the club through another year.
It was encouraging to see the AGM go so well with all the committee positions filled with relative ease. As for me, while not overly computer literate, bright or endowed with any great clerical ability after having a wife take care of everything for nearly fifty years, But will do my best.
My reports will be brief. Most members who know me will now be smiling, I can talk, but long winded post meeting reports aren’t necessary. If members want to know what their club is doing in chapter and verse, come to the meetings. Of corse information re meetings, venue changes, rides etc etc, need to be posted on our site by the relevant person/s, and I’m sure any of the committee members will be open to discussion on matters if contacted.
We welcomed two new members and I think a returning member as well as a few faces we haven’t seen for a while. Despite the threat of rain there was a good show of bikes, old to newer were, BSA,3, NORTON,1, TRIUMPHS, 2, YAMAHA,3, HARLEY,1, I think, if I’ve forgotten any, my apologies, I’m old.
I, like a lot of busy members, have not been riding my old bike enough, as witnessed when I had to get a jumpstart after the meeting. This year let’s look into our hearts, after family, Motorcycles are probably next, or close to it. SO, get the bikes out, come to some meetings, come on some rides, have a chat, I know I will!, and refresh the enthusiasm. The continuation of a great club needs it.  Don Roy.

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PRODUCTSif you have used or own something that you have proved to be very good.

  1. CTEK battery Charger/Conditioner – have two of these and very good at bringing old batteries back to life or being left on charge to hold a battery in top nick. – Jim


SERVICES if you have found  a company that provides a good service or is willing to go the little bit extra to help out with restoration problems.

Local Companies that may give a cash sale discount to current members if they show the current club membership card ..

  1. REPCO 2. AMX Store 3. R & J Batteries 4. 10% off with Mike Willmott’s Rental Car Hire  5. Sydney Tools