Just starting to send some photos of Dean Mahoney's 1982 Honda CX 500 Turbo restoration. When I first started this journey, this bike didn't even run, had to do a lot of research on the bike to work out what was causing the problem, (several other so called experts had tried & charged Dean money, & fixed nothing). 

This bike is an extremely complicated motorcycle, an example of Honda trying to show the rest of the motorcycling world how clever they were at the time. All the big Japanese companies at the time had a Turbo variant, but none were as hi-tech as Honda's version, or as complicated. I am also not saying it's better than the rest just way more complicated, and harder to work on. The people who own these bikes are fanatics, and won't hear a bad word about them,(HEY DEAN ). One of the biggest problems I have found with the bike is Honda put all this Turbo technology into a standard naturally aspirated CX Honda frame. 

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